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Our unwavering commitment to your musical growth

   At the Guitar School of Texas, we believe everyone has the capacity to produce magical tunes on a guitar. With our systematic and fun-filled guitar lessons, tailored to your potential, we pledge to guide your fingers smoothly on every single note. Our highly experienced instructors, comfortable learning environment, and commitment towards your musical growth makes our approach to guitar training exceptional in San Antonio, Texas.

Beginner guitar lessons in San Antonio TX
Advanced Guitar lessons in San Antonio, TX
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Don’t let the guitar strings feel like a complicated maze anymore 

 We totally understand the frustration and hesitation that comes with the effort to learn a new musical instrument. The thoughts of remembering chords, fretting, and finger positioning can seem overwhelming and might even make you think twice about your decision. But you're not alone. 

At Guitar School of Texas,  first guitar lessons are complimentary, so give it a try!

best guitar lessons in San Antonio Texas

Start Your Musical Journey Now

Beginner guitar lessons in San Antonio
Beginner Guitar Lessons
 Enroll in a systematic, step-by-step course that simplifies musical foundations and guitar basics for the greenest beginner.
Advanced guitar lessons in San Antonio
Advanced Guitar Lessons
Our expertly curated advanced program will help you enhance your skills and play complex compositions with ease.
Voice lessons in San Antonio
Voice Lessons
Improve your vocal skills with professional voice lessons. Experienced instructor and personalized training
for all levels. 
Personalized guitar lessons in San Antonio
Personalized Lessons
Fuel your musical passion  with individual lessons tailored to your skill level and personal interests.

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Master Your Singing with Voice Lessons

Dynamic and professional voice lessons are now available at Guitar School of Texas in San Antonio. Whether you are a beginner looking to develop your vocal skills, or a seasoned performer hoping to fine-tune your technique, our experienced instructors can cater to your needs. From proper breathing and vocal warm-ups to expanding your range and developing your own unique style, our lessons are designed to help you reach your full potential as a vocalist. Elevate your singing abilities with our comprehensive voice lessons at Guitar School of Texas.

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Music Performance Coaching

 Breathe new life into your stage performances. With our Music Performance Coaching, experience a dramatic improvement in your stage presence, audience engagement and overall performance.

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Performance Coaching

Music performance coaching in San Antonio Texas

Do you want to take your musical journey from dreaming to performing?

Choose the Guitar School of Texas for your musical pursuit. We assure you of a learning experience that is fun, flexible and highly effective.


Who We Are

We are not just guitar tutors in San Antonio

We are your musical guides, allies in your journey who are as invested in your musical dreams as you are. We are equipped with decades of experience and take pride in turning students into skilled guitarists. Start your guitar lessons today!

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Industry Myth: Guitar is hard to learn? Busting the myth.

Most people think that learning guitar is a long and tough process. While it certainly requires practice, the journey can be incredibly fun and fulfilling. At Guitar School of Texas, we break this myth by making your learning process enjoyable and progressive.

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Meet Your Teacher:

Over 50 Years of Experience!

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Payton Brown
Guitar School of Texas is owned and operated by me: Payton Brown. I teach all skill levels, styles, and ages from 8 to 80. Whether you want to play in front of thousands of excited fans or just around a campfire with family and friends — I can make your musical dreams come true.

You’ll love the way I teach, and you’ll love your new way of expressing yourself!

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Frequently Asked Questions


I am a complete newbie. Can I learn to play the guitar?

Absolutely! Our Beginners Course is tailored specifically for those who have never played the guitar before. We guide you through every step from understanding the instrument to playing your first song and beyond.


How long does it take to learn the guitar?

There's no set timeframe as it depends on the individual's practice and dedication. However, with regular practice and our methodical teaching, you could be playing your favourite song within your first couple of months.


Can I choose songs I'd like to learn?

Absolutely. While we guide you through key basic songs to build your skills, we also encourage students to bring us songs they are passionate about. It helps keep learning engaging and fun.

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I offer guitar lessons in my cozy music studio situated right behind my house. It's a relaxed and informal environment that provides the perfect setting for learning how to play the guitar. This intimate space allows for a comfortable and enjoyable learning experience. Whether you're a beginner or looking to advance your skills, my music studio is the ideal place to embark on your guitar journey.