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    Music is one of the most powerful methods of communication in history. That’s why, at Guitar School of Texas, I treat music like a language. My name is Payton Brown, and when you enroll here, I teach guitar in much the same way you would learn a new language. My pledge to you is to be patient and considerate at Guitar School of Texas. I take the time for each of my students to learn at his or her own pace, without an excessive emphasis on memorization and other temporary solutions. The best way to learn music is to learn by doing—I firmly believe in active, personal engagement and instruction.

  • How I Teach

    Music is a language, just like mathematics or Spanish. But everyone learns differently. In order to make the learning experience easier and more satisfying, I have found that total immersion is what works best. I don’t focus on excessive handouts and don’t expect much in the way of memorization. What you don’t remember, I will patiently repeat. What you do remember will grow each week and will stay with you a lifetime! With 30 minutes of practice each day, you can learn at your own pace and enjoy music like never before! You’ll learn to play the way studio musicians play. Using tab, staff, number systems and classical theory, you will learn to speak the language of music and hear the world in a whole new way!

  • Experience

    At Guitar School of Texas, I offer one-on-one or group guitar lessons in a fun, family-friendly atmosphere. No matter your skill level or age, I can teach you to play guitar and experience music like you never have before. With over 40 years of experience as a professional musician and over 15 years as an instructor, you’re in great hands at Guitar School of Texas.

  • Trust

    All background checks are current and available upon request.