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Boost Your Confidence and Let Your Voice Be Heard

If you are just beginning to sing or have some experience, our private voice lessons are perfect for enhancing your abilities.

Our compassionate vocal coaches are equipped to address weaknesses, enhance strengths, and build the confidence needed for public performances, if that is your aspiration.

We provide private adult voice lessons as well as voice lessons for children to ensure everyone feels included. If you are eager to see your potential as a singer, get in touch with us to enroll today.

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Sing From the Heart: From Classical to Contemporary

Our instructors are highly trained in a wide range of musical genres, from musical theater and classical singing to contemporary singing. No matter what type of music you are passionate about, we are here to support you. Whether you dream of performing in Broadway musicals or becoming a pop sensation, our instructors can provide the expertise and guidance you need to achieve your goals. With their extensive training and experience, you can be confident that you are learning from the best in the industry. So, no matter what your musical aspirations may be, our instructors are here to help you reach your full potential.
singing lessons in San Antonio TX

Vocal Instruction

Vocal instruction lessons provide invaluable guidance and training for aspiring singers. These lessons cover a range of skills, including breathing techniques, pitch control, and vocal exercises to improve range and power. A vocal instructor can help students develop their unique sound and style, while also providing feedback and constructive criticism to nurture their talent. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned vocalist, vocal instruction lessons can offer the support and knowledge needed to enhance your abilities and reach your full potential as a singer.


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Audition Prep

Audition prep coaching is a valuable resource for performers looking to refine their skills and boost their confidence before a big audition. These specialized coaching sessions provide individuals with the opportunity to receive personalized feedback, tailor their performance, and work on exercises to improve their vocal and acting abilities. With the guidance of a seasoned professional, individuals can gain the skills and insight necessary to stand out in a competitive audition environment and increase their chances of success.


stage combat coaching

Stage Combat

Our stage combat coaching program is designed to provide high school and community theater productions with the necessary techniques and safety measures to effectively stage combat scenes. Our experienced coach focuses on teaching proper choreography and timing, as well as essential safety precautions to ensure a realistic yet safe performance. With our guidance, actors can confidently execute fight scenes, enhancing the overall production while minimizing the risk of injury.


musical performance coaching

Musical Performance

Musical performance coaching is a valuable resource for musicians looking to improve their skills and stage presence. Our coaching
provides guidance and support to help performers refine their technique, develop confidence, and enhance their overall performance. Through personalized one-on-one sessions, we offer constructive feedback, exercises, and strategies to address specific areas of improvement. We can also help troubleshoot technical issues and offer advice on stage presence and audience engagement. With the guidance of a skilled coach, musicians can elevate their performances to the next level.

Answers to common questions about voice lessons in San Antonio


What do you teach in a voice lesson?

In a voice lesson, I teach proper breathing techniques to support vocal production, vocal exercises to improve range, tone, and agility, and tips for maintaining vocal health. I also focus on ear training, sight-singing, and music theory to improve pitch accuracy and musicality. Additionally, I work on interpretation and expression of lyrics, performance skills, and stage presence. I aim to develop a strong, healthy, and expressive voice in my students, while also fostering a love and appreciation for music. Overall, voice lessons are tailored to the individual students needs and goals, whether they are looking to improve their singing for personal enjoyment or pursue a career in music.


How much do voice lessons cost?

The cost of voice lessons in San Antonio can vary depending on the instructor, the length and frequency of the lessons, and the level of expertise. On average, beginners can expect to pay around $30-50 per 30-minute lesson, while advanced students may pay up to $100 per hour.  You will find the tuition at Guitar School of Texas affordable--we charge $95 per month for weekly 30 minute lessons and $190 per month for weekly 1 hour lessons.  Your first lesson is always free!


Are voice lessons worth taking?

Voice lessons can be extremely beneficial for anyone looking to improve their singing skills. Whether youre a beginner or an experienced vocalist, working with a professional voice coach can help you develop proper technique, improve your vocal range, and enhance your overall performance. Voice lessons can also provide valuable feedback and guidance, helping you build confidence and stage presence. With the right instructor, voice lessons can be a worthwhile investment in your musical journey, leading to tangible improvements in your singing abilities.


What's the best age to start singing lessons?

The best age to start singing lessons can vary for each individual, but many experts believe that starting around the age of 8-12 is ideal. At this age, children have developed the ability to focus and follow instructions, as well as possess the physical and emotional maturity to handle the demands of singing lessons. However, it’s never too late to start learning how to sing, and adults can also benefit from vocal training at any age. Ultimately, the best age to start singing lessons depends on the individuals readiness and passion for music.

Why Choose Our Voice Lessons?

Personalized Coaching

Receive individual attention tailored to your specific vocal needs and goals.

Professional Feedback

Get constructive feedback from experienced instructors to enhance your singing technique.

Performance Opportunities

Showcase your talent at our regular student recitals and gain valuable stage experience.

Flexible Scheduling

We offer flexible lesson times to accommodate your busy schedule.

Proven Results

Our students consistently achieve great improvements and success in their singing.

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Jesse Brown

Meet Your Voice Teacher

Jesse Brown

Jesse Brown is a highly skilled voice teacher with over 10 years of professional musical theater experience. His passion for both music and performance led him to pursue a career in the industry, and his dedication and talent have earned him a reputation as an exceptional teacher.

Jesse's deep understanding of vocal technique and stage performance has allowed him to guide aspiring performers to reach their full potential. He has worked with students of all ages and skill levels, helping them develop a strong and versatile voice while honing their performance abilities.

Jesse's commitment to his craft and his students has made him a respected and sought-after voice teacher in the musical theater community.

vocal lessons in San Antonio TX

Our Commitment To Your Success

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Elevating Your Voice Skills

At Guitar School of Texas, we are dedicated to providing you with top-notch voice instruction and exceptional customer service. Join us to reach new heights with your singing! Get started with voice lessons today!

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